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We hope to answer all the questions you may have regarding the dance program but if you still have questions after reading the information below, please contact Hilary at
What is the Dance Competition Team? 
A dance competition team is a commitment, just like the gymnastics or cheer competition teams, but we try to make it as easy as possible for a child to do both. The “DanceCats” compete at about 3-4 competitions per year that take place between February and May. The competitions usually take place at Cashman Center and the team competes against other dance teams in their age, level, and category. They are judged on a variety of criteria, such as technique, choreography, timing, and expression. The competition dancers also get to perform at the Galleria Mall, Henderson WinterFest, Rainbows in the Wind charity event, among other offsite performances. They also participate in a Winter and Spring Recital. 
How are the levels decided? 
There are currently 5 levels: Mini, Novice, Junior, Teen and Senior. Similar to gymnastics, the dancers have to acquire skills to move them up to the next level, but on top of that, they have to show a great attitude, hard work, and possess the maturity to compete at a higher level. Keep in mind that gymnastics has 10 levels whereas dance only has 5, so it’s more than likely that a dancer will not move up to the next level every year. 
How are the auditions run? 
If a child has previously been on the dance team, they do not need to audition if they wish to remain on the same crew(s) they were on last year. If they wish to try a new genre or move up a level, they need to audition for the appropriate level. Any dance teacher can assess your child and make a suggestion for which level they should audition. 
What is the time commitment? 
This depends on how much your child wants to participate. Most dancers are in 2-3 different dance “crews.” Every year’s crews vary depending on interest, but the past crews were: Mini Jazz, Mini Tap, Novice Tap, Novice Jazz, Junior Tap, Junior Jazz, Junior Lyrical, Junior Acro, Teen Tap, Teen Jazz, Teen Lyrical, Senior Jazz, Senior Tap, Contemporary and Hip Hop. 
Each crew rehearses 1 hour a week and all members must take a technique or ballet class. If your child already takes ballet for gymnastics then that will count as their technique requirement. 
Will dance competitions conflict with gym competitions? 
No, once the gym competition schedule comes out we choose dance competitions that are on different weekends than the ones for gym. 
What are the costs? 
If your child is already enrolled in gym, any dance class they add will be discounted 10%, and any additional dance class will be discounted 30%. There are also discounts for early pay, auto pay, sibling, among others. Please see the front desk to get an accurate cost for your family. 
Here is a breakdown of the costs for the entire year: 

Competition fees $38-$45 per group routine (solos, duets and trios higher) 
Dance competitions are free to attend for friends and family. 
Costume $50-$80 per routine - The same costume is used at every competition and at the Spring Recital
Tights $10 
Earrings $10 
Make up kit $110 (will last a few years) 
Teacher fee $75 (one-time per year fee) 
Shoes Varies, depending on crew 
The costs are charged as they are acquired and you will be notified when the charges are added to your account. If you are on auto-pay, you can let us know if you want us to automatically charge your account or if you’d like to pay another way. 
What do they need to prepare for the audition? 
If your child would like to audition for a solo, they need to prepare a 1 minute solo or they can perform a past dance routine. Please bring music on an iPod or if they are performing a song from last year, I will have that on hand. 
If they are auditioning for a duet or trio, they will need to prepare a 1 minute routine. If they were all in the same dance crew last year, they can perform that piece as a duet or trio. 
If your child only wants to audition for a group, then they just come to the appropriate time slot with the proper footwear to audition. Jazz shoes or paws for jazz and lyrical auditions, bare feet for acro, tap shoes for tap, and sneakers for hip hop. They will learn a combination during the audition to perform.

Solos, Duets, Trios

Performing a solo, duet, or a trio is a very big privilege at Gymcats. Very few dancers are given this opportunity.  Dancers are chosen through auditions by the Director and/or teachers to perform a solo/duet/trio. Auditions must be taken seriously. Dance ability is not the only quality taken into consideration when deciding on solos/duets/trios. A dancer must show a positive attitude and willingness to learn and succeed. A student must show talent, poise, and the passion and drive to progress. 

Solo - $320
Duet - $160 per student
Trio - $110 per student

This fee gets the student 4 hours of time with the choreographer. It is the student’s responsibility to seek out practice time to run the dance after the 4 hours are up. It is expected that the dancer will also run their dance in their own time so they are sure to know it when they are practicing during a teacher’s studio time. Appropriate times to ask a teacher if they would mind running your dance with you is during a class break or during the time in between classes. If the 4 hours have been completed and there is a need for more scheduled time with the choreographer then that will be worked out at that time. 

It will be decided amongst the Dance Director, dancer(s), and parent(s) who the choreographer will be as well as what the song selection will be. 


Any questions? Just give us a call, we would be happy to speak with you.

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