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Frequently Asked Questions

How fast should my child progress? Gymnastics, Dance, and Cheerleading are like most sports in that there is no exact time line as to how fast a child will progress. There are many factors that influence how fast progress is attained. There are factors that are more difficult to control such as coordination, strength, flexibility, power and body size. Then there are factors more easily controlled such as attendance, focus, work ethic, dedication and perseverance. Kids wanting to progress faster should consider attending more than 1x/week, attend flip flop shops to improve back handsprings and attend open gym to practice extra on skills needing more work. They might also consider private lessons as well.

Can my child make the Olympics? In gymnastics there is a chance of making an Olympic team, but we urge parents to understand and know the odds. Only 6 girls and 6 boys every 4 years make the Olympic team and there are over 150,000 gymnasts in the United States participating in the USAG program. We focus on things other than the Olympics such as getting a college scholarship, staying involved in an organized sport, staying physically fit and staying out of trouble. Gymnasts are notoriously better in school, become better citizens and are more disciplined and focused than the average person. They also live a healthier lifestyle and learn the skills necessary to become a productive member of the workforce.

Should we homeschool our children for the sake of their training? Absolutely not. If homeschooling is something you want to do for your child regardless of their sport then that's a decision you need to make individually, but we don't recommend taking them out of school for the sake of better gymnastics training. We have seen this strategy implemented and it doesn't turn out like the parents expect, and most frequently the kids end up back at school. Also some schools are not accepting the grades/report cards from home schooling programs, so kids are limiting their college choices.

What can I do to help my child get that extra edge? Whether your child is in another sport such as soccer, baseball, or basketball or want to improve their dance, gymnastics or cheerleading, the tops and edge programs are the key to getting an edge in fitness, strength and flexibility. As a member of these programs, your child is tested each 4 month term and evaluated on several tests that show their progress in these key athletic areas. Each child is given homework in the area of strength and are expected to turn in these sheets as they are completed. And as with any commitment in life, attendance is extremely important.

When can my child sign up for dance classes? We have 2 performances each year, which make adding new enrollment difficult at certain times during the year. The best times to sign up are directly after our December and May performances and anytime during the summer before term 1.

Which form of dance is best to take? The simple answer is any form of dance is beneficial to confidence in movement and coordination/grace, but ballet is the foundation of all dance and is very beneficial to the basics of gymnastics as well as other sports. Ballet can sometimes be slow moving, but is just what the "coach" ordered...

What can I expect if my child aspires to team gymnastics? Our gym began in 1992 and since then have had 10's of thousands of kids come through our doors. We know everything there is to know about progressing through the levels and what to expect. If you have individual questions about team gymnsatics that pertains to your child, please don't hesitate to email us at: we want you as informed as possible before beginning the journey of team gymnastics.

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