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Cristal Isa - University of Utah

Cristal started at Gymcats when she was 6. She was the 2009-2014 Nevada State Champion on Bars and All-Around at every level (4-10) along with vault, floor and beam some years, and has received Gymcats’ “Most Valuable Player” award four times. Cristal competed Level 9 in 2013-14, and won 1st on all events and AA at the 2014 National Judges Cup. At the 2014 Regionals, she was 1st on bars, 2nd on beam and 2nd AA. She was 2014 Level 9 Westerns Champion on bars, 5th on vault and 6th AA. Cristal became a Level 10 in 2015, and started the season with 1st on beam (career high 9.775). She is the 2015 Nevada State Champion on Bars, Floor and had the highest AA (38.125) of all Level 10 competitors. At Regionals, Cristal placed 4th on bars and AA, 5th on vault, and 8th on beam and floor, qualifying her to the JO Nationals, where she placed 6th on beam and 16th on vault.

Cristal is an A/B student studying for an Advanced Honors diploma. She participates in extracurricular school functions, and volunteers her time to the community. She is interested in continuing her gymnastics career in college. 
See videos of her gymnastics here


Amber Koeth - Sacramento State

Amber was the 2014 Level 9 Regional AA bronze medalist, placing 6th on floor and 2nd on vault qualifying her to the Level 9 Westerns Championship where she placed 15th on bars, 16th on beam and 18th AA. She was also the 2014 Nevada State Champion on bars and floor, and 2nd AA. Amber joined Gymcats in 2012 for her first year as Level 9, and placed 1st on bars and AA, and 2nd on beam at the 2013 National Judges Cup. She qualified to 2013 Regionals and earned the Gymcats “Hardest Worker” team award. In 2009 & 2010, Amber qualified to the T.O.P.'s program in Texas. She competed her first year of Level 10 in 2015, and placed 1st on floor, and 2nd on bars at the Cactus Cooler, then 2nd on floor and 3rd on vault at the Vegas Gold Cup, and 2nd on floor at the Nevada State Championships. She placed 6th on beam and 10th AA at Regionals, qualifying her to the 2015 JO NIT, where she placed 10th on bars and 11th on floor.

Amber is now a straight A student and is pursuing an advanced diploma and interested in continuing her gymnastic career in college. 

See videos of Amber's gymnastics here.

Shylen Murakami - Southern Utah University

Shylen started gymnastics when she was 3 years old. Her most recent accomplishment is qualifying to 2014 Level 9 Western Championships and placing 5th on bars. Shylen transferred to Gymcats this 2014-2015 season, competing her first year at level 10. Beam is her favorite event and she placed first at the Vegas Gold Cup and the Elevate Gym Fest. Shylen also placed 2nd on beam and AA, and 3rd on bars at the Nevada State Championships, and placed 5th on bars and 10th on beam at Regionals.

See videos of her gymnastics- click here.


Tiarre Sales - University of Minnesota

Tiarre started gymnastics when she was 7 years old.  Her accomplishments include: 2012-2013 Level 9 Nevada state vault and floor champion and 2nd AA. At the 2013 Regionals, she placed 5th on vault.  Tiarre started competing Level 10 with Gymcats for the 2014-2015 season.  She is the 2015 Nevada state vault champion and placed 4th AA.  During the 2015 Regionals she placed 5th on vault, 2nd on beam, 5th on floor, and 11th AA , and qualified for the JO NITs.  At the NITs, Tiarre hit all her events and placed 6th on vault, 7th on bars, 4th on beam, 4th on floor, and 3rd AA.

Tiarre is a A/B student trying to achieve an advanced honors diploma and is interested in furthering her gymnastics career in college. See videos of her gymnastics here.

Breann Sanford

Breann has been with Gymcats since she was 3 years old! in 2018 Breann competed level 10 as a vault and floor specialist and also served as the team manager. Breann was the 2017 Region 1 All Around Champion as a level 9 and also qualified to the 2017 Level 9 Western Championships where she placed 3rd in the All Around. Breann also won the Nevada State Championships All Around title in 2015 and 2014 as a level 8 and level 7 gymnast. Breann is currently looking at college gymnastics programs as a walk-on gymnast and also has interests in joining a college acro program.

Vinnie Colosimo - Arizona State University

Vinnie has been at Gymcats for 13 years! Vinnie is a 2 time Regional All Around Champion - in 2016 as a Level 9 and in 2012 as a Level 5! In his senior year, Vinnie placed 2nd in the All Around at the 2018 Nevada State Championships and won the Parallel Bars and High Bar! This is Vinnie's 2nd year as a level 10 gymnast and his favorite event is parallel bars, where he reminds his teammates and coaches daily that he is a 3 time champion on the event this year alone!

Vinnie will be continuing his gymnastics career at Arizona State where he will be studying computer programming & software engineering.

Christian Jennings - Arizona State University

Christian has been a gymnast at Gymcats for 12 years! in his final year as a level 10, Christian won the All Around at the 2018 Nevada State Championships and placed 1st on rings and vault, 2nd on parallel bars, and 3rd on floor. Throughout his career at Gymcats, Christian won the Nevada State Championships in 2016 as a level 9, in 2014 as a level 8, in 2013 as a level 6, and in 2012 as a level 5.

Christian will be continuing his education and gymnastics at Arizona State.



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