Survey: Dance Recital
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1. Overall, I was pleased with the quality of the

2. I enjoyed the length of each show.

3. I visited the dance page on the Gymcats website to
find information about the recital.

4. The recital packet was easy to understand and had
most of the information I needed.

5. What recommendations/suggestions or comments do
you have regarding the rehearsal day.

6. I felt my child's class was prepared and performed
well at the recital.

7. Please use the space below to leave any additional
comments or suggestions:

8. I enjoy the theme and story line regarding the
recitals. (1= don't like the themes/stories
associated with the recital, 10= I love the
theme/stories and hope they continue)

9. Please enter the name of your child's class.

10. My child participated in the Galleria performance

Survey: Dance Recital

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