Survey: Dance Teacher Survey
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1. [*] Enter the name of your child's dance teacher. (If
your child has multiple teachers please fill out
one survey per teacher, not per class)

2. [*] Enter the name of the dance class taught by the
above teacher.

3. [*] My child enjoys his/her dance teacher and coming
to class every week.

4. [*] I feel the teacher is thoroughly
qualified to teach my child's class.

5. [*] I see improvement in my child's dance abilities
and the class has progressed over the year/term.

6. [*] The class is structured appropriately for my
child's age and the teacher maintains a good pace
during class time.

7. [*] The teacher regularly communicates with me
regarding my child's progress, upcoming
events, concerns, etc.

8. [*] The teacher is knowledgeable about recital
information such as dates, times, costumes,
etc. and is able to answer questions
or is able to obtain the information from

9. [*] I feel my child is prepared for upcoming
performances and the teacher spends an adequate
amount of class time perfecting choreography.

10. [*] I feel that the teacher has a personal investment
in my child's abilities and truly cares about
his/her progress in dance.

11. [*] I am likely to enroll my child in another class
taught by this teacher in the future.

12. Please share any positive or constructive feedback
regarding the dance teacher or the class.

Survey: Dance Teacher Survey

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