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December Edge testing results are in. please click on the link below for a detailed list of results..

There is still room in our team edge classes for this term. Please contact the front desk for more inforation.

Congratulations to our high achievement belt winners for the Big December Testing:

Cheetah Belt - Given to all team EDGE girls that complete at least 14 out of 16 weeks of extra conditioning assignments:

Maysie Hillcoat - Level 4

Skull Belt For making a minimum of 5 "L" presses in testing:

Kailin Chio
Armani Csizmas
Lia Whitman
Delaynee Rodriguez
Amber Koeth
Sarah McArthur
Karter Trenholm
Christian Jennings
Shylen Murakami
Selena Harris
Miriam Harris
Vinnie Colosimo
Celeste Harris
Hudson Harms
Justin Csizmas
Victoria Olmeda
Chance Douglas
Bobby Haberstock
Monoa Livingston

Rainbow Belt Making a 1 minute handstand hold for ages 9 and older or a 30 sec handstand hold 8 and younger:

Kailin Chio
Armani Csizmas
Delaynee Rodriguez
Sarah McArthur
Karter Trenholm
Christian Jennings
Sylen Murakami
Selena Harris
Vinnie Colosimo
Hudson HArms
Courtnee Marquez
Morgan Kiernan
Mikaylia Harrison
Chance Douglas
Makayla Rymal
Bobby Haberstock
Tyler Burgess
Ali Bhimani
Bryn Barnes
Haidyn Cabello
Jordyn Maxson
Kenadi Brown

Congratulations to the following Gymnasts for achieving the highest belt points in your level for the August Team Edge strength testing:

Level 3 - Addie Gross - 157 points - Puple Belt
Level 4A - Victoria Olmeda - 234.5 points- Neon Green Belt
Level 4B - Giada Palmeri - 217 points - Neon Green Belt
Level 5 - Celeste Harris- 260.5 points - Hot Pink Belt
Level 6 - Sarah McArthur - 324 points - Zebra Belt
Level 7 -Delaynee Rodriguez - 344 points- Zebra Belt
Level 8 - Karter Trenholm - 313.5 points- Zebra Belt
Level 9 -Kailin Chio - 384 points- Zebra Belt
Level 10 - Amber Koeth -336 points- Zebra Belt
Xcel 4/5 - Julia Gainey -130 points - Purple Belt
Accelerated Edge B - Victoria Olmeda- 184 points- Turquois Belt
Accelerated Edge A - Kailin Chio - 409 - Zebra Belt
Level 4 - Elias Mann - 88 points- Yellow WB
Level 5 -Paxton Hansen- 149 points - Blue WB
Level 6 - Bobby Haberstock - 221 points- Red WB
Level 7 - Tyler Burgess - 181 points - Blue WB
Level 8 - Chance Douglas - 225 points - Grey WB
Level 9 -Hudson Harms - 276.5 points - Black WB
Level 10 -Christian Jennings- 306.5 points- Black WB
Junior Developmental - Armani Csizmas - 376.5 points - Camo WB

Program Overview

Team Edge and "G" force strength are conditioning programs based off the USA Gymnastics TOPS program.

These programs are specifically designed to help gymnasts achieve their goals through the help of strength, flexibility and body shaping. The short term benefits help establish a strong foundation of strength in order to aid in achieving gymnastic goals. The long term benefits include teachings of dedication, perseverance, responsibility, along with helping to build a fun fit way of life.

We currently offer a variety of different conditioning programs to meet every gymnasts needs. Boys and Girls developmental program ages 7-15 we offer our EDGE class. For our younger gymnasts ages 4-6 we offer our TIGER team.
For our team girls we have our Diamond Jet and our EDGE A & B teams.
You must be enrolled in a gymnastics program at Gymcats to participate in any of these classes.

Please see below for more information on each class including testing results, take home assignments and homework completion.


Team Edge Testing - December 2016

Team Edge returned conditioning assignments - Jan-April
Team Edge point chart

Remember all Team Edge homework is in the grey folder on the back stereo in the gym. Complete your homework and return it to the front pocket in the grey folder. Try and complete each week for your chance to get a "special" belt!!!!








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