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Boys Xcel

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Boys gymnastics needs the Xcel program even more than the girls do. We have made up rules and developed the start of the Xcel program for boys and have asked USAG to sanction this program so we can get insurance coverage through K & K insurance at competitions. They are not going to do that right now, so for now the program needs to just be something you start in your gym then hopefully with enough pressure, they will sanction it and allow boys gymnastics to grow larger.

Please email Dennis & Dusty to encourage them to develop this program for our gyms!

Boys Xcel rules
Xcel benefits for boys

Region 1 is going to try to get USAG and the national office to adopt a separate program that will give more boys the opportunity to compete and be successful. If you would like to be on the email list so you are updated on the progress, please email Cassie Rice. Click here



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